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Our Services

Services are available at an hourly rate of $65.00 for any project. The minimum project time is 3 hours, realistically any less will only give us enough time to sort the clutter but not enough time to put it all back.

For larger or ongoing projects, hourly packages are available to provide a discount to you. The larger the package, the larger the discount.

Packages are a great opportunity to renew many areas of your life at once so you truly get a Fresh Start. Any project can be upgraded at any time before completion.

Special Focus

Home Organizing

Decluttering and streamlining overwhelming spaces - anything from the bathroom to the playroom to the office to the garage

Buisness Organizing

 Helping companies create solutions for areas of clutter or disorganization to help improve efficiency and save time. Offices, paperwork, stock shelves, storeroom areas, work vehicles, etc. 


 Done-for-you organization that takes into account your schedule and obligations to ensure you are getting the most efficient use of your space. Simple, clear and creative solutions designed to help overcome your specific challenges to maximize productivity and minimize stress.

Move Management

Packing rooms in a way that makes unpacking easy and simple. Unpacking services are also available to set up your new home or office in the way that works best for you and helps relieve the stress of relocating. 

ADHD Community

 Assisting those with ADHD in the specific challenges they face with organization. Designing areas in a way that works for their specific needs and setting them up for future success in remaining organized along with strategies for when circumstances change. 

Busy Schedules

Being flexible and adaptive to help those with busy and full schedules to find times to organize and create spaces that work for them rather than against them to help save their valuable time and energy. 

Chronic Disorganization

Nonjudgemental focus on what challenges those with chronic disorganization are facing and how to realistically combat them. Help with resetting and cleaning out their spaces 


Children bring countless, irreplaceable blessings into a home. Organization is not typically one of them. Services are available to help all members of the family work within a system that relives stress in cluttered areas so that there is more time and energy for what truly matters. 


Services that help organized areas become more fun and easy so children feel motivated to maintain it. Specific solutions created for each age level so that children do not feel overwhelmed and are able to enjoy their space!


Organizing solutions focused on helping teens access what they need and adapt to their changing circumstances as they grow. Help with balancing school, extracurriculars and other interests in a way that helps them feel equipped in their space to accomplish their goals. 


Helping seniors to adapt their spaces to their specific needs to improve their lives and relieve unnecessary pressure on them and their families.

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Organizing Packages 

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Tier One

(8 hours)

Designed for more involved projects that are still expected to be completed within less than 2 days. Starting at $450.00

Examples: Large Closets, Kitchens, Offices, Craft Rooms or Art Studios


Tier Two 

(15 hours)

Designed for more involved, larger projects expected to take less than 4 days.  Starting at $730.00

Examples: Garages, Storage Units, Attics


Tier Three

(25 hours)

Our most inclusive package! This is for those who are ready to get a Fresh Start in all areas of their life. Designed to be applied to several projects over time. Starting at $1,125.00

Examples: Move-in Services, Whole Home Organization

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